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Hi I'm Caron and my passion is all things to do with mosaics and stained glass! 


Throughout my travels I've been creating, teaching and sharing the fun of making something from nothing and now I have a fantastic workshop in Manby Lincolnshire. I have taught Mosaics all over the world including Cyprus, Italy, the Ascension Island and of course here in the UK.


Although I have been teaching for years,  I still find it an absolute delight to watch new people enter into the world of creativity and Mosaics. Being able to help others find their creativity is something I look forward to every day and I always have visitors popping into the workshop for a coffee and some creative chat. 


There is nothing more satisfying than spending time in my workshop creating new designs.

 If I'm no where to be seen then you can almost guarantee I'm in the workshop, even when I'm not teaching I'm working on commissions or creating new pieces for people to see when they stop by. 


Weekends and evenings are filled with workshops, community projects and/or craft fairs. The world of crafts is an amazing industry to be part of, one full of friends, community spirit and creativity!


Speak soon



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